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  • Buck Powers

Did you get an anonymous letter telling you how to vote?

It is concerning to hear about the anonymous letter you received in the mail asking you to vote for plan 2. Such tactics raise questions about transparency and accountability in the political process.

Depending on the number of mailers sent out, since citizens with Sibley, Ocheyedan, Melvin and Harris addresses have reported receiving them, this could be a violation of Iowa campaign ethics law and it highlights a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Those who send out mailers should be registered as a Political Action Committee (PAC), ensuring that they are accountable for their actions and adhering to legal guidelines.

This special election for Supervisors seems to have been plagued with reportedly vague or blank petitions and anonymous mailers, further undermining the integrity of the electoral process. It is crucial that voters have accurate information from reliable sources when making decisions that impact their districts.

When it comes to policy-making, it is important to recognize that not all policies are suitable for every district. Each district has its unique characteristics, needs, and priorities. Therefore, those responsible for making policies must carefully consider these factors and tailor them accordingly.

Furthermore, there should be a clear distinction between those who make policies (the Board of Supervisors) and those who carry them out (County Recorder, Auditor, Treasurer, and Attorney). This ensures accountability and prevents any confusion or misuse of power.

In conclusion, it is essential to address violations of campaign ethics laws, promote transparency in political processes, and ensure policies are tailored to fit the specific needs of each district while holding accountable those responsible for their implementation.

What's next? Fixing the ballot box?

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