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  • Buck Powers

How hard is it to just be honest?

How many questionable tactics can you squeeze into one special election issue?

It seems every time the people that brought this petition for a special election can get a free pass on bad behavior they up the ante on how they skirt the rules at the next step in this special election process.

It is concerning to see the lack of transparency and accountability in the process of filing a faulty petition. The fact that it can be rubber stamped at an objection hearing without proper scrutiny raises questions about the integrity of the system.

Furthermore, it is disheartening to learn that local papers refuse to report who filed the petition (Tom Wietzema filed it). This lack of transparency only serves to further erode public trust in the democratic process.

The situation becomes even more problematic when followed up by an anonymous letter that possibly violates campaign ethics rules. Promoting a ballot issue through unethical means not only undermines the fairness of elections but also manipulates voters' opinions.

It is essential for authorities and media outlets to take these issues seriously and ensure that proper investigations are conducted to hold those responsible accountable. Transparency, integrity, and adherence to ethical standards should be prioritized in order to maintain a fair and just democratic system.

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