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  • Buck Powers

Is "the fix" already in for the special election?

The lack of transparency surrounding the special election petition raises serious concerns about the integrity of the process. Local papers, which are typically a reliable source of information, have conveniently omitted any mention of who filed the petition. This omission leaves voters in the dark about who is behind this effort to change how we vote for supervisor.

Furthermore, it is alarming that objectors to the petition are having their complaints heard by individuals who have already signed it. This raises questions about impartiality and fairness in evaluating these objections. It appears that those responsible for overseeing this process may not be acting in an unbiased manner.

Adding to these concerns is the fact that there are reports of blank petitions being signed or little information being provided about what exactly individuals are signing up for. This lack of transparency only fuels suspicions that there may be ulterior motives at play.

Given these circumstances, it is natural to question whether "the fix" is in for this special election. The lack of clarity and questionable practices surrounding this petition raise doubts about its legitimacy and whether it truly represents the will of the people.

It is crucial for a fair and democratic process that all stakeholders involved provide transparent and accurate information regarding this special election petition. Without such transparency, public trust in our electoral system may be compromised, undermining confidence in our democratic processes as a whole.

Get out and vote August 1st!

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